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2019 Showcase Rules


The Ohio Stingrays are happy to host our annual Junior Olympic Girls Fastpitch Showcase again at The Ohio State University’s Fred Beekman Park and Coffey Road Park facilities, Pickerington Central and North High School Softball Complexes, and Hilliard Municipal Park. Our organization greatly appreciates The Ohio State University, the Pickerington Local School District, and the City of Hilliard for making these facilities available to our showcase because they are among the premier venues for fastpitch softball in Ohio. In order that we may continue our good relationship with The Ohio State University, the Pickerington Local School District, and the City of Hilliard, we ask that everyone adhere to the following rules:

1. No stake is to be driven into the ground for any reason at any time.
2. No ice should be dumped on the grass at any time.
3. No soft toss should be done into any of the permanent fencing or backstops of the facilities.
4. We ask that each team clean its dugout after each game.
5. As the weekend goes on, The Ohio State University requests that we vary the warm-up areas so that none of the grass is worn thin. Stay out of painted areas indicating worn grass.
6. No signs are to be taped to any building, door, pole, fence, etc. Signs and/or banners are to be secured with non-adhesive products such as zip ties.
7. The Ohio State University, the Pickerington Central and North Softball Complexes, and Hilliard Municipal Park are smoke free zones – smoking is not allowed.
8. The Ohio State University, the Pickerington Local School District, and the City of Hilliard do not allow the use of alcohol. Anyone caught drinking alcoholic beverages will be ejected from the playing site and their team will not be invited back in the future.
The Ohio Stingrays appreciate your cooperation in following the above rules so that we may continue our showcase at these fine facilities in the future.


The competitive purpose of this Junior Olympic softball event is to provide a quality playing venue with like teams so that the softball athlete can state her case for why she should be playing at the collegiate level. Even though this applies primarily to the 18U, 16U, and 14U age groups, it is not too early for the 10U and 12U age groups to get accustomed to the competitive nature of this event. We expect that all teams will compete hard, but fairly to showcase their skills. Our umpires will do their very best to make the correct call as they see it. In light of that, any excessive player or adult behavior that leads to ejection from the playing field may possibly affect that team’s standing for entering the showcase in 2020. Excessive arguing of calls will not be worth it. The Ohio State University, the Pickerington Local School District, the City of Hilliard, and the Ohio Stingrays appreciate your adherence to these principles.


All teams must leave a hard copy of their insurance certificate at check-in. All head coaches must leave a hard copy of their NFHS (or equivalent) concussion-training certificate as outlined by Ohio House Bill 143 at check-in. All playing sites will have their own check-in station.

The Showcase will accept any sanctioning body’s insurance certificate. Each player/family on your team will have to sign a liability waiver. You will be given a packet with the waiver forms at check-in. Please have the form signed by each player/family and returned in the packet back to the check-in station as soon as possible. Thank you for understanding and cooperating!


This event consists of a 5-game minimum. Teams will play (4) pool games, but seeding will only be based on the first (3) games within their pool. The 4th pool game will be a crossover game with a team from another pool and will not count towards seeding. This will allow teams to know the playing time for their 1st round elimination game earlier than they would otherwise.

Teams will be seeded 1 through 4 within their pool into a single elimination bracket that will be determined with a point system as follows:

Win = (2) points
Tie = (1) point
Loss = (0) points

If there is a tie at the end of pool play among teams, the following will be used to break the tie:

1. Head to head. If still tied, then…..
2. Least number of runs given up. If still tied, then…..
3. Most number of runs scored. If still tied, then…..
4. Lowest numerical zip code on head coach’s address of record on entry form.

For pool play games, no new inning will begin after 1 hour and 15 minutes. Pool games can end in a tie.

For elimination games, no new inning will begin after 1 hour and 15 minutes. If the score is tied at the completion of that inning, the International Tie Breaker will go into effect for all future innings until a winner is determined.

For championship games, there will be no time limit – a complete 7-inning game will be played. The International Tie Breaker will go into effect for future innings until a winner is determined.

10U Starting Stars, 12U Rising Stars, 14U Futures, 14U Premier, and 16U Premier will each have one single elimination bracket.

18U Premier will have two separate elimination brackets that will run concurrently with each other. Teams seeded #1 and #2 will be placed in the Premier Bracket, teams seeded #3 and #4 will be placed in the Platinum Bracket. Each bracket will conclude with a championship game with a full set of awards for both Premier and Platinum.

If weather forces a conclusion to the showcase without championship games being played on the field trophies will not be awarded.

Since this is a showcase, no run mercy rules will apply in either pool or elimination play – we want the athletes to be able to get their maximum exposure in front of the college coaches. The only exception is 10U, which will use the USA Softball Run Ahead Rule of 15 after three innings, 12 after four and 8 after five innings.


Each team will be allowed three (3) warm-up pitches and one (1) throw-down by the catcher between innings. Infield and outfield warm-up will be allowed during this time.


The Home Team will be determined with the umpires prior to the start of a game via the ball roll from home plate to the pitching rubber. Each team must turn in an official line-up card to the home plate umpire and a copy of their starting line-up to the opposing team.


The Showcase will be governed by the 2019 USA Rules of Softball. Please make note of the following:

1. Pitching distances will be:
• 35 feet for the 10U age group
• 40 feet for the 12U age group
• 43 feet for the 14U, 16U, and 18U age groups
2. Metal cleats are allowed for 14U and up play.
3. Umpires are free to check all equipment to ensure that it meets appropriate guidelines. Teams must line up their bats behind their dugout before each game so that the umpires can check the bats.
In both pool and bracket play, the following exceptions will apply:

1. Teams will be permitted unlimited defensive substitutions.
2. Teams may bat any number of players from a conventional 9-player batting order through the maximum number of players on the team – it is up to the coach and must be declared before the start of the game. However, the total number of offensive players starting the game must be the same at the end of the game. Any team batting less than the maximum number of players on the team can make an offensive substitution, but it must be reported to the umpire and the opposing team. If a team bats all their players and an injury occurs to any player and that player is not able to continue, that player’s spot is recorded as an out.
3. Pitcher and Catcher may have a courtesy runner. Courtesy runner is to be a player not in the batting line-up. If all players are in the batting line-up, courtesy runner is to be last batted out.
The Ohio Stingrays will provide (1) new softball and (1) used softball for each game.


Age 18 eligible softball athletes having completed one year of playing or having red-shirted in college (D1, D2, D3, NAIA, NJCAA) are NOT ELIGIBLE to compete in this showcase. Teams caught using age eligible college athletes will forfeit the game they are playing in and the team will not be invited back in 2020.


Considering the Sportsmanship Guidelines listed earlier, we would surely hope that teams do not resort to a protest. However, if a protest is lodged, the following will apply:

1. Cost will be $300 cash payable by the protesting team and will go directly to the Stefanie Spielman Fund whether the protest is won or not.
2. Protest must be lodged before the next pitch takes place.
3. Protests will be directed to the Umpire-In-Chief and will be resolved by the following committee:
• Umpire-In-Chief
• Tournament Director
• Site Manager

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